5 TIPS ON SUMMER WEDDING GUEST STYLING: how to look your best without overshadowing ‘her’

Narurally, every bride wants to be the apple of everyone’s eyes on her wedding day, chances are she spent days if not months designing, trying on and dreaming of the day she walks down the isle all eyes on her, fair enough, she deserves to be the star.



As a Go Big Or Go Home type of party goer, I like my outfits to match my partiesque-personality, however after attending so many weddings last year, I’ve come to realise that the show you put on a wedding with your outfit, hair and make up has certain guidelines in order to maximise your guest show potential while being respectful of the main outfit of the party.





Summer weddings are an invite to patterns in gowns, summer weddings are an invite to flowers in gowns, summer weddings are an invite to colour, to have fun, and in this occasion for me, to experiment with new textures (tafetta) and colours (bright yellow gold).




Opting for something trendy is the way to go for me, when you’re a guest with no tittle in the wedding (the tittled ones being bridesmaids, mother of the bride, aunt of the bride, in which case I would suggest opting for a timeless silhouette) you are the one in charge of referencing the decade of the wedding, I mean not in charge of, but you get where I’m going.


And what says millennial and 2017/18 more than puffy big belled sleeves, off the shoulder dresses, and mini stiff silhouettes.





First off I like to start by the dress, once I know what I’ll be wearing, then I work around it for the hair.

In these photos occasion, I wore a stiff taffeta dress, having barely any movement to my outfit I wanted to add it on the hair, this way I’d have something in my outfit to accompany my moves on the dancefloor.



I’m a low high maintanance kindda gal, ok even I don’t believe that, what I mean is I have my high maintanance go to’s which become low maintanance once you’ve mastered them and can quickly pull them off, I hope this makes sense lol, I went for my natural voluminous waves, for which you can watch my step by step tutorial on how to achieve these HERE, I like to make mine last using the COLAB HAIR DRY SHAMPOO.



You can also go for an updo if your dress has a very deep back cleavage, a half pony with a princess cut dress, and even throw in some braids if you wanna add a romantic boho side to the whole look, I find braids very suiting for beach and country side summer weddings as well.


My rule of thumb for guests wedding hair is: HAIR APPLIQUÉS WITH PEARLS, DIAMONDS AND WHITE FLOWERS ARE A NO NO; leave that to ‘her’, and of course her mother, her aunts, her bridesmaids.



3 – THE ULTIMATE NO MAKE UP (i just used 25 products) MAKE UP LOOK



We all know summer weddings can get hot and sticky, this can make a full face of make up sound very unappealing, but fear not, I have a tutorial on my flawless base and lasting go to summer make up look HERE, which is what I used on this ocassion and switched the lippie from a nude one to a matte long lasting liquid lipstick in dark red which matched the flowers in my dress; I believe the make up in the wedding day should pull together all the outfit, and matching your lippie to a little detail in your gown is a great way to achieve this.


On this occasion I was headed to a night time wedding, and that is how I could get away with a bold make up look, however if your summer wedding takes place during the day, I would suggest switching the liquid liner for a soft eyeshadow, and adding some shimmer to the eyelook while keeping the lips softer in pink, coral or my fave go to: nude.






I like my bling to match my soul, black, joking; I like my bling to match the outfit’s ‘theme’ I may be going for, I can get quite theatrical when attending parties and very much into a theme; I guess it’s my way to cater for my multiple personalities.




Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of it but I wore a big black fan which came in handy cus it was the hottest night this summer here in Punta del Este, it made me feel like a flamenco dancer; to that I added big rounded hoop earrings which matched the whole Spanish Babe look I was going for.


My Gucci black velvet marmont bag (affordable dupe here) added that extra gold BLING to go with the earrings.









Here I went for a Spanish Inspired Babe look.

In order to pick your theme I would suggest picking one Item and working the rest of your statement pieces around it.

I opted for overall bold statements I could get away with due to it being a night wedding, and normally try to keep them to under 6 items that somehow all go together in one theme;

  1. big puffy sleeves
  2. big black fan
  3. big gold hoop earrings
  4. logo mania trend
  5. funky heeled snakeskin shoes
  6. bold deep red lippy


Another reason I could get away with wearing all of them is because I wasn’t really wearing all of them at the same time.


If you think about it, you’re not gonna be carrying your purse through the party all night long, same goes for the fan I used, although I must admit it did accompany me to the dancefloor and made for an awesome dancing prop.





HAIR:The Southern Dutchess on YouTube Tutorial

MAKE UP: The Southern Dutchess on YouTube Tutorial



BAG: Gucci




Namasté babes!