HORTENSIA: Post Beach SkinCare

As you all know, I am a beach side kindda gal, quite frankly I love roasting under the sunshine reggae and doing photosynthesis for hours.


Just as much as we prepare our skin for going under the sun, we need to nourish after it’s been exposed, and what better way to do so than with Korean Skin Care goodies.




HORTENSIA carries an incredible array of products that help rehydrate sun exposed skin, and bring back elasticity, luminosity and moisture. Korean skin care brands are globally known leaders when it comes to face masks.






Seriously I’m a sucker for Asian skin care.









I was recently kindly gifted these masks from Kocostar by Hortensia which I have to say have absolutely revolutionized the way I used to do masks, for starters they’re way easier to use, you can apply them to whichever area needs a little extra aquatic love, wether it be your face, necks, arms, wanna have soft baby cheeks? Hey I’m not blaming you! I would too. There’s no mess at the time of removal, they smell delicious, they’re asian, yes I know I said that before is just that is a really important part for me.




If by any chance you happen to be doing your photosynthesis in Punta del Este like myself, you’ll find their summer pop up beach shop in Parada 30 Brava. They’re also in Montevideo and they have an online shop [i suggest the last one..for those of you who wanna join the lazy people club I’ve been meaning to found].













Namasté babes!