The melting-pot of all my lifestyle passions, I’m talking fashion, beauty, food & travel;


Just your average millennial basic b**ch














My fave creative outlet I had two years ago while living in London which I’ve decided to re-birth. Now based in South America, but only for a little while..I suffer from a dominant wanderlust gene.

So what’s new?

This time with a YouTube channel as well; [legit quoting a former classmate] an “exotic cocktail” [see Italy+France+Lebanon+Portugal]  born and raised in Uruguay, South America.

Let’s face it, like any good Latina I love to blab, a lot.















Btw: Hola! I’m Pia, wanna say hi?: thesoutherndutchess@gmail.com

I also hang out barely daily at instagram’s stories: @the.southerndutchess