SUNSETS: *like an after office but not quite

SUNSETS: *like an after office but not quite

Sunsets are the summer version of an after office drinks hangout, although you can swap the previous office time for beach time. There are drinks, there’s a DJ, there’s the same people you probably saw all day, there’s the wakko that loses it and dances on top of the bar at already 6.30pm, and there’s the ones trying to get lucky, or at least find someone that will accompany to the night club later.






Despite the awful lot of similarities, sunsets are way more fun, for starters, they’re one of my favourite things to see in Punta del Este, I mean it’s on the discourse of any real estate agency here, the unique Punta del Este sunsets.




Today I’m coming to one laters with a friend where another friend will be DJ’ing. So when she told me the location I immediately thought I gotta think of an outfit, oh well, location is a nudist beach; say what?! Well how about that?



I later found out that the nudist part is just on the title of the beach, and unfortunately I won’t be rocking my body harness in any sandy beaches today. Feel like joining?





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Namasté babes!



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